AIM & Purpose

To have constructive legal research

To Increase the qualitative quotient in the legal arena

To inculcate a spirit of patriotism and a touch of culture in the legal fraternity

To create an aware and responsible law student.

To create a sense of social responsibility in the law fraternity

Mechanism we adopted for materializing our aim

  • Research projects in the fields of intersection of law and policy.
    Policy research in following areas have been undertaken by Niti manthan -

    1. Criminal justice and crimonology
    2. Constitutional law
    3. Tech. Policy
    4. Psychology and law
    5. Aviation law
    6. Labour law

    Office of the prosecutor of International Criminal Court took the cognizance of a report by Niti Manthan in 2020.

  • An internship program for the law students, thereby placing them with Advocates, Firms, Research centres and under Hon’ble judges

  • Online lecture series dealing with various aspects of statutory laws and principles of legal domain

  • Training program with reference to mooting, ADR, Constitutional law and Legal Aid for the law students at various law schools

  • The gender cell and ADR cell is under development.

  • A monthly lecture series in association with Pragya Pravah, a national platform of academicians (first two lectures were conducted at the Indian Law Institute (ILI)

Our Operations

1. Lectures

  • A fortnightly lecture series for the students pursuing law (UG, PG, and Ph.D.)

  • The topics are be prevalent legal issues, and a holistic view on the issue

  • The lecturers are Professors, Hon’ble Judges, Judicial Officers, Experts, Senior Advocates, and Professionals.

  • The lectures have an inclination towards inculcating the spirit of construct, patriotism, promoting culture and positive research methodology.

  • The lectures have an analysis of social emphasis and how the issue impacts the society.

  • We record the lectures, upload on online media platform, and it may be published at the end of a year.

2. mentorship program

  • The students at the UG level are the Mentees in this program.

  • The respected faculty members act as the mentors.

  • The students interested in a particular field/forte/ specialty of law are attached with a professor (Mentor)

  • The mentor guide the student and monitor his/her academic performances, exposures and experiences.

  • There are a meeting of the mentor and the mentees at frequent intervals

  • The aim is to ensure that by the time a student graduates, he/she has a certain proficiency, exposure and experience in the forte h/she wishes to pursue.

3. Research Projects

  • Research projects to be undertaken in independently as well as in collaboration with various academic, governmental and judicial institutions.

  • The professors/professionals guide and monitor the students to research.

  • The Empirical research are promoted and it shall be regulated that the research outcome is applied to the societal benefit.

  • The research focuses on positive construct of law, and shall ensure that the qualitative quotient is boosted.

4. Training

  • The newly joined students are trained with the various practical aspects of law schools I.e. Mooting, Debating, Research Paper writing, Mediation, CV building, etc.

  • The task are majorly be undertaken by the senior students. The professors and professionals shall take sessions too.

  • This helps in outreach, in developing the constructive taste among the new students and also to create a positive learning culture.

  • This also increase the academic interest in a student.

5. Journal

  • The Research papers, articles, essays, etc researched and submitted by the legal scholars are published.

  • The content is reviewed by the professors.

  • The professors guide the students to write and improve upon the research papers.

  • This provides a platform to the legal scholars to get the research material based on the positive construct to be published.

  • It also create a culture of publication of content is based on constructive research.

6. Internship/Placements

  • To provide internships to the students in the chambers, offices, research centers and academic institutions whereby they learn the intricacies of their fields.

  • To place the students at the avenues where the they can substantially contribute towards the society.

  • To create a pool of internship/research opportunities for the scholars.

7. Judicial Services

  • To provide guidance/training/ coaching to the students appearing for judicial service examination.

  • To invite the Hon’ble Judges ( Retd. And Serving) to deliver lectures.

  • To invite the Hon’ble Judicial officers ( Retd. And Serving) to deliver lectures and interact with the students and professionals.

  • To work among and with the judicial officers at District/ session Courts in order to know the grass root issues and together arriving at an amicable solutions.

  • To promote alternative dispute resolution mechanism, especially mediation.

in conclusion

Our innate potential is far, far underutilized; creative dissatisfaction being the surest way to kineticize it and these mechanisms are just an attempt to meet the creative requirements of the legal arena.
While there are accusations on the university setups of being an academic cafeterias, NITI MANTHAN intends to supplement the law schools for achieving what they ought to fulfill being a temple of ‘man-making’. Law fraternity, being one of the largest professional families in the country, nourishes some of the societal stalwarts, but the question remains whether it nourishes the ‘common man’? Swami Vivekananda said that traitor is that man who got educated and grew through the sacrifice of the society and give back nothing to it. NITI MANTHAN aspires to facilitate social sensitivity to the law student thereby inclining the mindset towards constructive development of the society and the nation, so as to we don’t just get the experience while missing the meaning of all that we do.