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Women Empowerment: Basic Constitutional guarantees to eliminate discrimination

Women, who have always held a paradoxical position in our developing country are now representing 48.2% of the total population and are getting an approach to education as well as employment. There is no field as such which is left unturned by the Indian women. The questions here arise that how this change came which produced such educate and independent women.

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Brief Review On Micro, Small And Medium Enterprises Development Act, 2006

By giving a brief idea about the aim and objective of the act the article further focusing on the boards established under the act and what are the functions to be performed by that board? Also, the remedies available before these enterprises and lastly the bill introduced for further amendments in the act.

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(A)theist Bhagat: Analysis of ‘Why I am an atheist’ by Bhagat Singh

For the next 50 years, this alone shall be our keynote — this, our great Mother India. Let all other vain gods disappear for the time from our minds” – Swami Vivekananda, February 14, 1897, Madras

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Types of Majorities Used in the Indian Parliament

India follows a parliamentary democracy. In a parliamentary democracy, all major decisions are taken by the Parliament. To pass a bill and turn them into laws, the Parliament needs to pass them with a majority. There are different types of majorities which are used in the Indian Parliament.

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Government’s Proposal On The Ban Of Fairness Creams Anti Ageing Creams Ads

People of Asian countries are very conscious about complexion. This desire is exploited with advertisements of fairness creams in both the print and visual media which allure youngsters with promises of desired results. Skin lightening products occupy 61% of the dermatological market in India. Cosmetics are supposed to be safe and healthy, but research reports on their toxicities are available. Heavy metals are added intentionally or unintentionally to cosmetics, the presence of which, the consumers are mostly unaware of.

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Law Relating To Defamation In India

The meaning of defamation is well known to legal professionals but to ordinary or common person defamation is something new even though it is something that they face in every day in their day-to-day life either by knowing that this statement provided by another person about them or someone else is defamatory in nature or by not.

(1)The science has turned the manner on how this tortuous liability is conducted. The development of science and technology have turned out the meaning of the term defamation to include the digital nature of defamation. Further defamation has been divided into two varieties - slander and libel, where Slander is a spoken form of defamation and libel are printed or broadcast form of defamation. ‘Defamation', in simple terms, means to harm the good reputation of the other person. (2) It can be in the form of abusing someone, publishing defamatory material against a person, malicious gossiping, etc. The defamation may also be called as vilification, traducement, and calumny.

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Introduction To Energy Law

India is one of those countries which has the lowest per capita energy consumption. In spite of this, it has a huge energy demand due to the ever-increasing population size. The integrated 'Energy Policy Report' prepared by an expert committee under the aegis of the planning commission of India clearly mentions that by 2031-32 the power generating capacity in the country must increase to nearly 8,00,000 MW from the current capacity of around 1,60,00 MV inclusive of all captive plants. India is often seen by many countries of the world as one of the parties that prioritize its economic development over environmental concerns. This is possible since being a developing country it has continued with its industrialization goals. However, in spite of this and all criticism, it has to mitigate the impact of continuous climate change, which seems to be inevitable.

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Bride Trafficking: An Untold Crime

The content highlights the unspoken and unknown issue faced by the Indian Brides. How brides in India have become a trade element and an object of childbearing. This heinous act is not yet recognized as a crime in India which is the prime cause of it increasing rapidly as the statistics provide.

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The advancement to technology and dynamism of the legal world provides an outlook on privacy and Data Protection issues in this “Information Age." Privacy has been a growing concern in recent times. Data Protection emphasises on protecting an Individual's liberty, which is under threat due to the enormous developments taking place in media and technology. This article focuses on the nature of Data Protection Laws in India, the legal advancements taking place under this subject, and the need to provide it a special status in the legal field.

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