Housing Infra.jpg

Housing and Infrastructure: A policy paper on Urban and Rural Housing Schemes by the Governments in India

April to May 2020

body offences.jpg

Body Offences: Comparative study of marital rape legislation around the globe

April to May 2020

IT laws.jpg

Information Technology Laws and Cyber Crimes: A policy research on cyber security in India

April to July 2020

legal literacy.jpg

Legal Literacy and Awareness project

April 2020 onwards

media and democracy .jpg

Study on the impact of Media & Technology on the Democratic Trends of a Nation

April 2020 to July 2020

medico legal.jpg

Medico-Legal Aid and Curative Sciences with legal insertions: Simplifying the medical jurisprudence

April to May 2020

prison reforms.jpg

Prison Reforms: A study on mental health of a detenu in Police Custody

April 2020 to July 2020

psych and mental health.jpg

A study on Mental Health and Psychology of Legal Professionals in India

April 2020 Onwards


A study on infra accessibility to the Persons with Disability

April to May 2020


Simplifying Intellectual Property Rights for a student of Law

June to July 2020


Policy analysis on Climate change protocols in India

June 2020 Onwards


Legal History and evolution of Criminal Procedure in India

June to July 2020


Learning law through Indic Parables

June to July 2020


Left Wing Extremism Study

June 2020 onwards


A study of FDI Policy in India

June to July 2020


Understanding the intricate relationship of Labour protocols with Menstrual Health sensitivity in India

June to July 2020


A study on impact of Virtual courts in behavioral change in legal system in India

June to July 2020


Study of protocols for migrant labor and domestic help in India

June to July 2020